Weird Christmas Trees

Our post from yesterday about the all-gold Christmas tree from Tokyo opened the flood-gates about all the strange kind of trees out there. So we looked into it a little more and found that, yes, over the years, a lot of folks get wildly creative with their trees. First, we show you some public trees from this season that have caught media attention:

This tree in Ireland has been around for a few years but will be moved to a new location this year. It is made of glass and has always drawn comments of protest from locals for being “non-traditional”.

The non-traditional look in a Christmas tree is a bonafide trend in public trees. And a LOT of people don’t like it. Consider this “tree” in Brussels, that has become embroiled in the War on Christmas:

This public tree in Brussels is called a “winter tree”, a measured and designed strategy that avoids offending local Muslims. The tree is large enough for people to climb up on and see views of the surrounding area.

In Toronto, Canada shoppers in a mall are basking in the glow of this beauty this holiday season:

This tree features plenty of traditional red but also highlights festive pinks and purples. It is getting mixed reviews from locals this year.

On a more personal level, the Christmas tree provides plenty of space for creativity not limited by public bureaucracies. Check out this dedicated effort:

Yeah, those are Mtn Dew cans. More than 400 cans were consumed in making this awesome looking tree.

Check out the website for this Mtn. Dew tree. It shows not only more great shots of the tree but also how it was all put together over 4 days time.

Personal expression is the hallmark of the young. And this tree makes a statement all it’s own. We’re wondering if some older folks will get this one:

Called a portal tree, this effort is both funny and creative.

We’re not too sure how many different trees there are out there made from cans or other commercial products. But we had to include the spam tree:

But we think one of the most creative trees we’ve seen out there is this monster made of…well, artificial Christmas trees:

This tree is made from 70 identical artificial trees and is one of the largest man-made trees ever constructed.

Click the thumbnails below of more weird and wonderful Christmas trees:

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