Why hate The Christmas Shoes?

There are plenty of opinions out there about Christmas music but nowhere is there more venom hurled than at the song “Christmas Shoes”.

The song recounts the events experienced by a narrator completing the last of his gift-shopping on Christmas Eve. In the checkout aisle, he is shocked and touched by the story of the bedraggled young boy ahead of him wishing to purchase a pair of expensive shoes for his terminally ill mother, explaining to the cashier that he hasn’t much time remaining before she finally succumbs to the undisclosed illness and that he wants her to appear presentable before God. However, he is unable to pay for the shoes, and the saddened, sympathetic narrator sacrifices his own money for the boy’s purchase, to the child’s glee. The song closes on the note that the experience has permanently changed the narrator, reflecting on the true meaning of the Christmas season.

The song was released by Newsong in 2000 where it hit #31 on Billboard’s Hot Country Song chart and #1 on the Adult Contemporary list. But over the years the song has had attention like no other classic of Christmas short of “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”. The song has since been identified as a “worst” of Christmas and was even named The Worst Christmas Song Ever in 2011 by Gawker.com (they hate everybody).

Why the hate? Is it because it is overplayed? Or is it just too syrupy a song to take?

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