Dallas Cowboy Christmas

It is football season, it is nearly Christmas and that means the combination of just two things: the Dallas Cowboys and mocking them.

(Not, we’re not fans).

Word simply cannot describe the horrid video you’re about to watch. It is the ultimate in all that was wrong in the 1980s — and the Dallas Cowboys.

Quarterback Danny White insists the videos served a higher purpose, as he told local media:

“It was a novel thing at the time, something that hadn’t been done,” he says. “The real motivation for me was to let fans kinda see that professional football players are just mortal human beings like everybody else. We have families and kids who get up at the break of dawn on Christmas morning.

“It was a chance for Cowboys fans to see Cowboys players completely out of their element. Every professional athlete dreamed of being a rock star and getting up on a stage, and musicians are the same way; they all dreamed of being athletes.”

Oh, these singing Cowboys went 7-9 in 1986.

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