Kodachrome Christmas of 1940

We can’t get enough of home movies and this one is awesome. Shot in luxurious Kodachrome this home movie is incredibly well preserved and pristine?

What is Kodachrome? It’s film, kids. Back in the day when we wanted to shoot pictures or “video” we used film, not memory cards. Kodachrome was a kind of first generation color film technology and it differed from modern films in that the dye was added to the film during processing, not manufacture. This makes Kodachrome images and movies of a high quality and greater durability, just as is showcased in this video.

There is no sound with this clip and there doesn’t need to be. The images are strong enough without it. The content shows a family from Wilmette, Ill. on Christmas morning, complete with a train set and snow. Other than fashions from the time the color is good enough that it could be mistaken for images taken today.

For its Christmas content this video showcases really how much things have NOT changed in more than 70 years when it comes to Christmas.

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  1. Beautiful … Kodachrome was as close as a home-movie enthusiast could get to Technicolor. And, like Technicolor, Kodachrome doesn’t fade, unlike other color processes that turn red or pink with age. Thanks for sharing a great example of Kodachrome film!

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