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Making The Muppets Christmas Carol

Only the Muppets could take a beloved story from Charles Dickens, put their own little irreverent take on it, and then sell it to the point where it becomes a Christmas classic. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore The Muppets Christmas Carol.

Way back in the early 1990s, when the movie was made, they did a “making of” documentary that just doesn’t get any airplay any more. And that’s too bad because it gives a great look at the backend of Muppet movie magic with just a touch of Muppet humor thrown in.

Now, I know, I know — this reveals one of the great secrets of Muppets — that they are really puppets — but when you get past the idea that a man is really the voice of Miss Piggy, well, it just makes the world make sense. This is a good watch:

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